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The Art of Speaking for Successful Life

Introduction of the Art of Speaking The Speaking Art develop your  Personality, listening skill and how to communicates others, the art of speaking skill makes perfect man, why change your attitude for a successful life, why listen my point of view and alertness for  Successful life . Excellent art of speaking presentation skills is much required to do any work. Today, you want to business in any sector but you know about  what is public speaking   success in your life anyhow respect the feeling of other people then he can do so only if he knows how to be put his views before others in a convincing manner. The Art of speaking makes a perfect man Why is the importance of the art of speaking clear?  We want to listen to my point of view with people but don't become so, why? Because I have lankness of communication skill, bad attitude, don't respect others while everyone wants to respectful life.  Anyhow, we must understand the people's behavior, attitude, emotion, c
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How to Grow Love Power with Teachers from School Curriculum

Introduction of Love Power from Teachers  Students life is simple. The teacher says/teaches about the student's life is made up of only two kinds of things- positive things and negative things. Each aspect of your life, whether it's your health, money, relationship, work, or happiness, is either positive or negative to you. You are brimming with the health of teachers or you lack health. Your relationships are happy or difficult. Your work is exciting and successful or dissatisfying and unsuccessful. You are filled with happiness or you don't feel good most of the time. You have a good moment or bad moment, good times or bad times, good days, or bad days. What is the need for Changing the Curriculum at Regular Intervals? Teachers and students' relationship with heartily so teachers want to only students career due to changing the curriculum at a regular basis in time to time and he/she teaches of students i f you have more negative things than positive things in your l

Importance of Teacher and Curriculum development in Students's Life

A Teacher presents the past, reveals the parent, and creates the future. Dear friends, let's just think of our childhood, The first teachers, from whom we come from are our parents who have corrected us in different aspects and situations of our life. Even if we like or dislike, we all came across their suggestions so we should understand the importance of the curriculum of Teachers in students' life. Importance of reading #1. Discuss the major issue and trends in Curriculum Development and Curriculum research in India?  The major issue and trends in curriculum development and research in India. The teachers should be sympathetic and polite to students. Students do not like an unsympathetic and harsh teacher. They can judge the real worth of a teacher within no time. They can make sacrifices for their teacher if he has created that much confidence in them. They worship a teacher who always remains in partial and treats all his students alike. So Teachers should re

Are We Benefit of the Educational Value of Travelling

Introduction of the education value of traveling In the book, we read only of ideas, thoughts, and experiences of other men. The knowledge thus acquired is theoretical. In day-to-day life, we cannot be successful with mere theoretical knowledge. We must also know about the habits, manners, and ways of living with other persons. We can learn about others by coming in contact with them. Travelling takes us from the field of bookish knowledge to the field of practical knowledge, From the realm of imagination we come down to reality.  The advantages of tourism are many. Some of them are given below. Untraveled: Narrow outlook of traveling educational value A man who has never gone out of the home has a very narrow outlook. He feels his own way of living to be the best. He fails to understand the effects of the environment on the life of man but a well-traveled man sees for himself the life of different people. He observes for himself the effect of the environment on their customs and way

What is the Power of 'Yoga Education' for Students

Introduction of the Best Power of Yoga Education for Students  In the modern era, the word Yoga Education is derived from the Sanskrit root 'Yug' meaning to bind, join, attach and yoke, to direct and concentrate one's attention on, to use, and apply and education means Shiksha. It also means union or communion with education and mention in daily life. It is the true union of our yoga education with the will of God. According to Gandhi Ji and Baba Ramdev, the yoking of all the powers of the body in best work in the school curriculum, mind, and soul to God, means the student's life disciplining of the intellect the mind in stress period, the emotions, the will be removed by yoga, which the yoga presupposes , it means a poise of the soul which enables one to look at school curriculum for students living in all its aspects evenly so must mention the power of Yoga Education in the school curriculum. Yoga is a six orthodox system of Indian philosophy from Baba Ramdev and th

Tribal Development in India/100% Growth for Policies

Indian Tribal Development a review of the tribal situation I would indicate that the strategy for development would require an intensive approach to the tribal in terms of their geographic and demographic concentration of the rural  tribal if the faster development of the community in the tribal to take place. The Indian government is trying 100% of policy growth for tribal development in India . Tribal condition # 1. Important commission for the development A number of commission and committees were appointed in the recent past to look into the problems of developments in the tribal areas in the country and they have recommended a number of measures to remove the social-economic imbalances and also break down their old psychological barrier which existed in the tribal areas. The important commission and committee appointed so for are: The policies task force on poor tribal development of tribal areas- 1972 The Dube committee - 1972 The team of marketing credit

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The Best life is Spiritual Progress Signs and Soul

Introduction of soul meanders The soul meanders on its journey home; we reincarnate in a particular environment to certain parents, and our destiny unfolds based on the sanskaras  and genetics we have brought from our previous births and the influence of our immediate environment, gratitude, inner ego, initially help, overflow, the right direction, religious value, evolving consciousness, and its spiritual path   which help for the best life progress . The best Spiritual Progress Signs 1.  How to role of religion in family and religious value for the best life? In our daily life, we are groomed by family and community, to elevate our consciousness and fulfill the purpose for which we took birth. From childhood, many of us are taught to believe in god and religious values. We offer worship in the hope that with divine grace we will attain liberation, heaven, or at the very least, escape the clutches of hell. But all these early experiences are only the beginning of our orientat